A trail with twelve stops surveys the history, personages and places linked with the phenomenon of the ‘Moravian Manchester’. It offers a unique look at almost three centuries, when Brno was at the helm of the global textile industry. In the background of this extraordinary success, however, there are specific human stories, which will be introduced by the author of the trail, writer Kateřina Tučková.


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1 | Brno: Moravian Manchester

Náměstí Svobody 84/15
Here once lived J. L. Köffiller, founder of the first Brno textile manufactory (1767)

2 | Freemasons

The courageous Hugo Franz Salm-Reifferscheidt raised Brno to the niveau of being called ‘the Moravian Manchester’ (1801)

3 | Offermann House

The worldwide success of the Brno textile industry was aided by several German specialists.

4 | Jewish textile entrepreneurs

significantly contributed to the boom of Moravian Manchester after 1848.

5 | The Tugendhat and Kohn factory

One of the last mementos of the rich past of Brno as the Moravian Manchester.

6 | The Löw-Beer villa

was the home of Alfred Löw-Beer’s important Moravian woollen industry family.

7 | Gebrüder Schoeller textile factory

The factory and villa of one of the most successful European business families.

8 | The Textile School

once educated the best textile experts of Brno – the Moravian Manchester.

9 | Union house

the meeting place of Czech workers, the Devětsil artists’ group and the founding place of the Social Democratic Party (1897)

10 | Textile workers’ home

The gallery tenements were built for the workers of the nearby textile factories.

11 | Museum of Applied Arts

designed by J. G. Schön was built thanks to the industrialists of the Moravian Manchester.

12 | Vlněna and Mosilana

The last remains of the glory of Moravian Manchester live on in the textile factory Nová Mosilana.



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The trail is 4 km long, so good shoes for a city walk might be useful.

When can I take the walk?
Anytime! The walk is available non-stop, without registration or guides, so you can take it whenever you want.
Do I need an Internet connection?
Yes, the content is online, so you’ll need a Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
Do I need to walk to all the stations?
The best option is to visit all the stations, but you can skip any of them, of course, according to your abilities.

The ‘Moravian Manchester’ trail was created for the Meeting Brno festival, based on a book by Kateřina Tučková titled The Factory – The Story of the Textile Barons from the Moravian Manchester, published by the Host Publishing House and accompanying an exhibition, Brno: the Moravian Manchester, presented by the Moravian Gallery in Brno in 2014.

Stránky vznikly v rámci festivalu Meeting Brno 2017
za podpory statutárního města Brna, Jihomoravského kraje
a Česko-německého fondu budoucnosti. Děkujeme.